The Alaska Art Colony is truly a place where art happens. This is for anyone visiting Skagway, Alaska wanting to get off the beaten tourist path. It’s for the person who wants a meaningful experience of Alaska’s art and culture. Welcome to a place where art is made fun and easy for anyone that wants to participate.

The Alaska Art & Culture Tour

The Alaska Art & Culture Tour 2016:  This easy 2.0 hour tour includes 3 parts; First, a visit to the Skagway Museum. Then our Native Artist In Residence doing a Tlingit Art Demonstration painting the history of Tlingit water craft onto an actual canoe. Lastly, the opportunity to create a landscape painting of Alaska’s majestic Northern Lights. Visitors will take home the ultimate souvenir – their very own landscape painting of Alaska that is durable and travel-friendly. Children are welcome! Read for the full description of the Art & Culture Tour.

Artist in Residence Live and In Action

The Alaska Art Colony sponsors 2 Artists in Residence per year to be on location at the Colony producing and teaching art onsite. At least one artist is always of Alaskan Native decent and working exclusively towards creating new perspectives on traditional themes.

Community Art Events

It is our mission to celebrate art as an event, rather than a passive thing that gets hung up on a wall, and forgotten about. Our events include workshops, live demonstrations, and live art auctions.

Affordable Art for Sale

In the main display area, you will see art available to purchase in every price range and budget: from $5 to $500. Whether in the Main Colony Building or on the Alaska Art & Culture Tour, you will see creativity in action!

It is the vision of the Alaska Art Colony to create a vibrant creative space that makes the experience of art and culture fun and easy to everyone in Skagway.

Art is literacy of the heart.

-Elliot Eisner