About Us

Hello, I’m Clayton Conner and I’m an “artist” in the traditional sense of the word. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon and I have earned an income as an artist for most of my life. That is a big accomplishment in itself. Ask any starving artist! I love turning my self-expression into a visual piece that can be seen and experienced by other people. Actually, it’s the purpose of my life. I am self taught, and I can teach you!

There is something that is even more meaningful to me than creating a piece of art on a canvas. Transforming an entire place into an artistic-creative space is far more thrilling than one single piece of art! That’s probably why I’ve focused my art career on murals and installation art. Together with my beautiful and talented fiancée, Sherene St. Cyr, we have created an inspiring place.

But there’s something even more exciting than that! Opening up that creative space to regular people and nurturing THEIR EXPERIENCE of artistic creation. Everyone has the ability to experience the joy of creating with a little bit of help. People are intimidated by art and they shouldn’t be. With a little bit of help it can be fun and easy. The person’s individual experience is the masterpiece, not necessarily the art they create.

To be able to create beautiful art is my calling. 
To transform a place into a beautiful creative space – that is my joy.
But to help regular people enjoy making art – that is my honor.

That’s why I decided to open an Art Colony instead of a Gallery. An art gallery is so passive. You come, you look, you leave. The Art Colony engages each visitor, surrounds them with inspiration, and involves them in the creation.

I hope you find your visit to Skagway and the Alaska Art Colony memorable and worth visiting again and again!

Clayton W. Conner

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

– Pablo Picasso